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Casino SitesWelcome to Casinos In Review!  Our web site provides visitors with detailed online casino reviews & a guide to the best online casinos.  We also publish in-depth casino game guides plus rankings of the best casino sites each month based on player feedback.  The purpose of our web site is to expand our visitors knowledge on a number of casino related topics ranging from popular casino games & strategy, to which online casinos provide the best product offering for players.  By taking an independent and objective approach to our analysis of online casinos, we hope to provide our visitors with a trusted source for comparing and selecting the best casino sites.  Whether you are looking for a detailed & honest online casino review, are searching for the best online casino sites or simply want to learn a casino game, Casinos In Review provides you with a ton of information to get you started.

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Top Casino Sites

Each month the team from Casinos In Review compile a list of the top 3 best casino sites based on our research in conjunction with player reviews.  All of the online casinos that make this list have demonstrated a number of qualities which qualify them as some of the best casinos on the Internet.  These include but are not limited to excellent customer service, promotions, support and great game quality.  This list is updated monthly to ensure up to date and accurate casino site rankings.

Rushmore Casino
Rushmore Casino

100% Up To $2,400 Casino Bonus US Casino
Play at Rushmore Casino, the leading top USA online casino and receive a bonus up to $2,400 in free chips.

Millionaire Casino
Millionaire Casino

100% Up To $1,000 Casino Bonus US Casino
Enjoy high betting limits and excellent casino games from Millionaire Casino plus 100$ up to $1,000 free!

This Is Vegas

400% Up To $2,400 Casino Bonus US Casino
This Is Vegas Casino is one of the newest online casinos from Rival Gaming with a $2,400 max bonus.

Online Casino Reviews

One of the most comprehensive sections on our website deals with the publication of various online casino reviews which are designed to provide you with a solid overview of each online casino listed on our website.  We aim to provide objective reviews that highlight both the positives and negatives of each casino site, along with information on bonuses, promotions, casino games, tournaments & banking.

In order to ensure integrity with our review pages, we first play at all of the online casinos reviewed on our site in order to give a factual and unbiased account of the sites features, both good and bad.  We continually review and rate new sites as they are presented to us and strive to maintain one of the largest casino review sections online.  In our casino review section you will find links to all of the reviews currently published on our web site along with our strict rating criteria for each site.

Tips When Choosing An Online Casino

  • Reputation & History - One of the most important aspects in casino selection, players should consider any past complaints about the casino related to customer support or cash outs, since this is usually a bad sign.
  • Sign Up Bonus - Offered at every online casino as an incentive for joining, casino bonuses are nice but they often come with a ton of restrictions.  Make sure you fully understand all terms before depositing your money.
  • Customer Support - Essential to having a great experience, every player should demand excellent customer support from the casinos.  Be weary of any casino that doesn't have responsive service or 24/7 client support.
  • Banking Methods - Of particular concern for US and Canadian casino players, ensure that the casino you are thinking of joining offers friendly deposit and withdrawal options for your specific country.
  • Promotions - Lastly, another major consideration that every casino player should take into account is the casinos promotions.  Chances are if they offer frequent good promotions, you will have a much more enjoyable time.

Casino Games Guides

Another important section of our site is our in-depth guides to a number of the world's most popular online casino games.  Each casino game page will provide you with an overview of the game, followed by the rules, how to play the game, where to play it online as well as strategy and betting tips.  Our casino game pages are very comprehensive and are written to give you a full understanding of each game from beginner to expert.  Below you will see a collection of the current online casino game guides that have been written and published on our website by our editors.  We've also written an article on casino betting systems and why you shouldn't buy them since they won't provide you with an advantage when playing casino games.

Casino Games An Overview Of Casino Game Sections
Blackjack Blackjack is one of the world's most popular casino table games and has been in casinos for over 100 years.  In our casino blackjack section, we will guide you through all of the blackjack essentials from beginner strategy to the rules of the game.  You can also learn how to count cards in blackjack along with some of the popular game variations and various blackjack slang terms.  Overall, our blackjack guide will give you the tips to win at the game plus give you a solid foundation in both rules and strategy.
Roulette Casino Roulette is an exciting online casino game which involves betting on various number outcomes from the spin of a wheel.  The game is one of the oldest casino games in existence and is a favourite amongst casino players since it is easy to learn and offers great payouts if you are lucky enough to hit a winning combination.  In our casino roulette section, we will guide you through all of the rules of the game as well as provide you with all of the roulette bets and strategy associated with playing.
Baccarat Casino Baccarat is a simple casino table game which uses a regular deck of cards and a unique scoring system to determine the winner.  Baccarat has long been associated with private VIP rooms reserved only for the highest of gamblers however in many online casinos you will find the game for as little as $1 per hand.  Our in-depth section on playing casino Baccarat details all the different rules of the game plus the different betting options and strategy tips for players wanting to learn casino Baccarat.
Slots Casino Slots are one of the most exhilarating casino games that you will find in both online and land based casinos.  With tons of variations ranging from reel machines to video slots and progressive jackpots, slot machines truly offer a wide range of entertainment for casino players.  In our section on online slots, we will take you through all the different types of slot machines and software available in the online market.  Our slots section also features free slot machine tips for winning more at slots.
Craps Casino Craps is a casino table game based on different betting combinations which are determined by the roll of a pair of dice.  Craps is one of the most social games in the entire casino in that many players can be involved in the game at the same time and usually will be betting together meaning wins are celebrated by the group.  Craps is a great game for both new and experienced casino players, however there are a lot of different bets to memorize, which is what our online craps section is all about.
Caribbean Stud Caribbean Stud Poker is a simple card game based on five card draw poker which incorporates bonus payouts and large progressive jackpots making it yet another player favourite.  Caribbean Poker is played with an ante bet and bonus bet, each which pay different amounts based on the 5 card poker hand you are dealt in each round.  Our Caribbean Poker section details all of the rules of the game including payouts, player rules and how the progressive jackpots are won.  Use our Caribbean Poker section to go from beginner to pro in a matter of minutes.
Let It Ride Let It Ride Poker is a casino table game which is also based on 5 card draw poker however this version combines three betting spots with a progressive jackpot.  Although the house edge in Let It Ride is very high, this is a fun casino game to play for luck and can pay out quite nicely if you are lucky enough to be dealt a premium hand.  In our Let It Ride Poker section you will find a detailed guide to the game which outlines the proper rules, betting strategy and odds which are associated with this game.
Video Poker Video Poker is a computer based game using the rules of 5 card draw poker and offer some really excellent payouts.  The best part about casino Video Poker is that this game has the absolute lowest house edge of any casino game making it an obvious winner for the savvy casino player.  There are many variations of Video Poker available in online casinos ranging from standard Jacks or Better to Wild Card Games and progressives.  Our video poker section covers all of the basics plus betting & strategy.

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