baccarat Strategy

This page is dedicated to providing our visitors with an overview of casino Baccarat strategy as well as some tips for playing the game.  You might bet surprised to learn that it is actually a common myth amongst casino players that there is a sure fire strategy for winning at Baccarat.  Unlike other casino games such as blackjack, Baccarat is automated in that the player's do not make decisions regarding the hand and because of this there really isn't much they can do to improve their odds.

That being said, if you have ever played Baccarat in a casino I am sure you have seen players using a variety of methods that they "think" are giving them an edge against the house.  Below are some of the things that Baccarat players use to give themselves an advantage at the tables, some of which do absolutely nothing to help and some tips that actually can increase your chances on winning the game.  If you are interested in Baccarat strategy you may also want to read our section on different Baccarat Betting Systems to get a better understanding on how to play.

Keeping Score In Baccarat

At the Baccarat table you will always see players keeping score of the hands on little score sheets which are meant to assist the player in determining if their is a pattern emerging in the game.  The truth is that this had absolutely no effect on game outcomes and is just one of those superstitious things that players have been using for years while playing Baccarat.  If you are going to be a Baccarat player, simply ignore this feature as it does nothing to improve your winning odds.

Betting The Tie Bet

The tie bet in Baccarat has a very good payout of 8:1 for players, however if you know about casino odds and probabilities than I am sure you will realize that this is a sucker's bet at the table.  The Baccarat tie bet has a house advantage of 15.75% meaning that you should expect to lose $15.75 for each $100 you are betting on this position.  While the tie bet can be attractive to new players, it should always be avoided in Baccarat games due to poor odds.

Number of Decks In Play

This is a strategy that actually can greatly improve your odds in the game of Baccarat.  Depending on the casino you are playing at you may have the option of playing a low deck Baccarat game and in some cases even a single deck game.  To get into these games, you usually need to be betting quite a lot of money since the casinos know that their house edge goes down in single deck games.  If you can find a single deck Baccarat game, you should definitely pull up a chair to the table since you will be getting better odds on your money.

Baccarat Bankroll Management

The last major factor that Baccarat players can use to help them at the tables is to always use proper bankroll management when playing to make sure that they don't go bust or spend more than they intended to.  When you are going to play Baccarat, set your budget for that particular session and make sure that you are betting in line with your bankroll, for example with a bankroll of $1,000 you could place $25 or $50 bets at your discretion.  By implementing a bankroll management strategy, you may not win more often at the Baccarat tables but you will definitely be able to control any losses you may sustain from playing.