Baccarat Betting Systems

If you have done any searching on the Internet for "Baccarat Systems" or perhaps "Baccarat Betting Systems" I am sure you will have come across some sites which offer to sell you and ebook and/or software which is "guaranteed to help you win".  While that sounds really great, the truth of the matter is that no Baccarat systems work simply because Baccarat is a game of defined rules and percentages and a system cannot manipulate them.  The only real way to cheat in Baccarat or alter the game in your favour would be to have an insider working at the game.  Below is a comprehensive analysis of Baccarat systems and why they can't help you win.

If you are familiar with Casino Baccarat than you will know that their are three distinct bets that can be made in the game.  They are the bet on the banker, a bet on the player and a bet on a tie, each of which offer different payouts to the player.  As we know, casinos operate on what is called the House Edge which basically tells them what they expect to win on each game on the casino floor.  As with all games, Baccarat is not excluded from house edge and this single factor is the main reason that these types of Baccarat betting systems simply do not work.

  • For the banker bet, the house edge against the player is 1.01%
  • For the player bet, the house edge against the player is 1.29%
  • For the tie bet, the house edge against the player is 15.75%

We also know in Baccarat that although the best bet the player can make is a bet with the banker the casinos also charge a 5% commission on winning banker bets.  The player bet has a higher house edge but there is not commission on this bet and the tie bet has the worst house edge and honestly should never be made.

Do Baccarat Systems Really Work?

So now that we know the odds of the house winning, how does this relate to Baccarat betting systems and why they don't work?  Simply put, unlike other casino game such as blackjack which have player decisions (hit, stand, etc), Baccarat only allows for player bets on outcomes (banker, player, tie) and there is no specific action taken by the player each round.  What this means is that their cannot be an optimal betting strategy for Baccarat since in essence the game is automated and dealt by the dealer according to a fixed set of rules and probabilities for the house.

The house edge determines over time how much the casino will win and there is no way for the player to alter the game (legally) through a strategy system or betting technique.  For this reason, Baccarat is a unique game in that there are no betting systems which increase your chances and odds of winning at the game.

Across the Internet you will see a variety of offers suggesting that a winning system has been developed for the game and if you will only pay $30 to buy that system you will win consistently in Baccarat games.  You have been forewarned that these absolutely are a scam and will not increase your chances of winning.  That being said, they may be a good read and provide you with with some fun.

Overall, casino Baccarat is an excellent and entertaining game for players which can yield high returns if you manage to hit a hot streak.  Just remember that being a smart casino player is the first step to winning more often and you should always be aware of the tips that do and don't work for better odds at casino games.