Bonus Slots

For players who like an added incentive in their slot machines, bonus slots are the type of machine you should be looking to play.  Bonus slot machines can come in both classic reel or video slot format and essentially offer a special bonus round during game play which is activated according to special symbols on the payout schedule.  Bonus feature slots are one of the most popular and thrilling types of slot machines currently offered in casinos and because of this, you will find lots of slot machine games currently being offered with a featured bonus round option.

The way that bonus round slot machines work is by providing a special section on the machine for bonus play.  This can come in a variety of formats including wheels, animated bonus rounds, jackpot meters and so on.  When a player hits the bonus combination on the machine, the bonus round will be activated and once complete the machine will return to the normal game.  The reason these types of slots are so popular is simply because they offer something different to the player plus the added excitement of being able to score some extra wins through bonus rounds.

One of the world's most popular bonus feature slots is the Wheel of Fortune Slots game which is based on the hit television series.  In this slot game, players activate a wheel when they hit the spin symbol on the third reel.  The wheel is dotted with various prize amounts and begins spinning with the sound "Wheel of Fortune" being loudly yelled from the machine.  As the wheel spins, it will begin to slow down slowly until it lands on a prize amount on the wheel, which is the prize that will be given to the player for that particular bonus round.  Typically on Wheel of Fortune slot machines the bonus payouts range from $20 up to $5,000 per spin.

As was demonstrated in the example above, you can see why it might be attractive to players to play on bonus slots rather than normal slot games.  While they are really fun to play, it's worth noting that bonus slots sometimes have a lower over all payout in comparison to other machines because of the special bonus options.  This  is evident from the payout schedules on the machines since they usually pay quite low amounts for non-jackpot or bonus round wins.  It is always a good idea as a player to examine the slot machine payout schedule before playing to ensure that you are getting the best value possible from the slot machine you are playing.

So now that we know the basics and benefits of bonus slots I'm sure you are wondering where you can play bonus slots online?  Lucky for you, there are a ton of online casinos that offer these types of games in a number of varieties and betting denominations.  We recommend checking out our online casino reviews or main section on slots if you are looking to play at online slots casinos right away.

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