Casino Holdem

Summary - Casino Holdem is a casino table game based on Texas Hold'em that is played against a dealer and uses community cards as well as hole cards dealt to the player.  The game also features additional bonus payouts for high hands.

Casino Holdem is an exciting and relatively new casino table game which is based on the game or poker, specifically on the rules of Texas Holdem games.  Unlike Texas Holdem, Casino Holdem is played directly against the dealer, however there can be up to six players playing the game at once.  The object of the game is to make the best 5 card poker hand possible using both your dealt cards and the cards dealt to the community flop by the dealer.  In our Casino Holdem section, you will find a complete guide to the rules & game strategy as well as tips to learn how to play Casino Holdem and where to play the game online.  We have also compiled a list of the best online casinos which are currently offering Casino Holdem games.

How To Play Casino Holdem

Below is a summary of how to play Casino Hold'em including the rules for both the dealer and player.  If you are familiar with Texas Holdem this game is very easy to learn since it is based off the game, however new casino holdem players will be able to correctly play the game after reading the outlined game rules listed below.

Casino Holdem Table

Casino Hold'em Rules

  • The game begins with the player placing their ante wager on the table
  • Player & Dealer will be dealt two hole cards face down as their hand
  • Dealer will deal 3 community "flop" cards on the table
  • Player now checks their cards in relation to the flop and makes a decision
  • If player continues, they will need to place another wager 2 times ante bet
  • If player folds, they will lose their ante bet and the game will end
  • If player raises, the dealer will deal two more flop cards for a total of five
  • Next all hands are overturned and compared to the flop to determine wins
  • Player and dealer use their two hole cards in conjunction with the flop
  • The highest ranked poker hand at the end of the betting round wins
  • Dealer only qualifies in Casino Holdem with a pair of 4's or better
  • If dealer doesn't qualify, player wins ante bet according to the payout table
  • If dealer qualifies and player wins, raise bet is paid 1:1 with the ante bet being paid out according to the Casino Holdem payout schedule
  • If dealer qualifies and player losses, all bets (ante + raise) will be lost
  • If dealer and player push the game, all bets are returned for that game

Casino Hold'em Payout Schedule & Hand Rankings

Below is a Casino Holdem payout schedule for ante bets played in the game.  Note that the raise bet is only paid even money 1:1 when the dealer qualifies and the player has a better ranked poker hand.  Some Casino Hold'em tables also offer additional side bets and bonus bets for players depending on the casino site.

Payout Chart Bet 1
Royal Flush Pays 100:1
Straight Flush Pays 20:1
Four Of A Kind Pays 10:1
Full House Pays 3:1
Flush Pays 2:1
All Other Hands Pays 1:1

In addition to payouts, players should also familiarize themselves with the ranking of poker hands in order to know what hand beats what in Casino Holdem games.  We have provided a top to bottom poker hand ranking chart for visitors below.

Hand Rankings Casino Holdem Hand Rankings
Royal Flush Royal Flush
Straight Flush Straight Flush
Four Of A Kind Four of a Kind
Full House Full House
Flush Flush
Straight Straight
Three Of A Kind Three of a Kind
Two Pair Two Pair
One Pair One Pair