Casino Keno

Keno is a very simple casino game which is played on a computer screen similar to Video Poker.  The game is based off of the lottery and the premise is that players need to pick a set of numbers and hope that the computer generates the same number combinations they picked once the game has started.  Although some Keno players believe there is some secret strategy to the game, the reality is that there is not and it is very hard to win a Keno jackpot.  That being said, the game is quite fun and can provide entertainment and some decent prizes if you have a lucky day.  In our casino Keno section you will find full details on the game including rules, betting, some basic strategy tips and suggestions for playing casino Keno online.

How To Play Keno

The game of Keno can be played either in a live environment or on a screen which is also commonly referred to as video Keno.  The object of Keno is to select a set of numbers (up to 10 in total) ranging from 1-80 and to hit as many of your selections as possible during a game.  Next 20 numbers are selected by computer generated picks in video Keno or by a caller in live Keno and the more numbers that match your selections, the more money you will win on that game.  In this sense, Keno is very similar to the lottery because the whole object is to guess the set of numbers that will be selected for each game.  Keno can be played at a a variety of limits ranging from 25c all the way up to $20 and over per game.  Below is a brief recap of how a typical casino Keno game would run for the player from start to finish.

  • Player makes their initial wager for that game and selects their numbers
  • Player may select as little as 1 and as many as 10 numbers on the board
  • The board is comprised of the numbers 1 through 80
  • Once selected, player will hit play for that round and numbers are selected
  • Computer will generate 20 random numbers highlighted on the board
  • The more numbers matched to the players selections, the higher the prize


Payouts in Keno are largely dependant on how much you bet and how many of your numbers have been picked by the computer for each round.  Some Keno games also offer progressive jackpots which we have seen over $200,000 online, however generally the game offers fixed odd payouts for various number matches.

Generally speaking, the player can expect to be paid as little as 3 times their bet to as much as 20,000 credits for successfully matching all numbers, however payouts do vary by each casino and it also depends how may numbers you bet. We suggest always betting the maximum amount of numbers allowed since Keno is basically a guessing game anyways so as a player you might as well go for the big jackpots.

Keno Odds & Strategy

Since the nature of Keno is quite simple and involves limited decision making from the player, there really isn't a strategy for winning more at Keno games.  When playing Keno you should compare the game to the lottery and honestly the chances of winning (as you will see below) are definitely not in your favour.  That being said Keno is an entertaining game and is still enjoyed by many casino players from around the world in both land based and online casinos.  Although the game isn't an easy one to win, if you get lucky the payouts are often very generous which is one of the main reasons that casino players enjoy playing Keno so much.

If you were ever wondering what the chances of winning in Keno were, we have compiled a table below explaining your odds of hitting different sets of number combinations while playing Keno.  As you can see from the information, although the odds are a bit better than the lottery winning at Keno is no simple task.

Keno Numbers Odds Of Guessing Numbers Correctly
1 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 3 to 1
2 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 15.63 to 1
3 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 71.07 to 1
4 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 325 to 1
5 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 1,549 to 1
6 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 7,752 to 1
7 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 40,878 to 1
8 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 230,114 to 1
9 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 1,389,686 to 1
10 Numbers Chosen Chances of winning are 8,911,702 to 1