Roulette Cheating

Cheating at Roulette is somewhat of a touchy subject since technically it's not legal nor is it permitted in any land based casino we've ever heard of.  That being said, there have been a number tactics used by players over the years to gain an unfair advantage at the roulette table.  This article will highlight some of the most notable techniques used by roulette cheats throughout casino gaming history.  We do not condone cheating in casinos, however though it would be interesting to write an article on the subject since some of the ideas are absolutely ingenious.  Be forewarned that if you try any of these tactics at a casino, you could easily be banned for life, arrested or in the worst case scenario......well you know I'm sure.

Roulette Wheel Adjustments

Historically some less than reputable casino owners (and players) used to fix the roulette wheel so that the ball was more likely to fall in one section versus another.  The way that this was accomplished was usually with a sticky substance placed directly on the wheel, or by the use of magnets with a small steel core in the middle of the roulette ball.  In both cases, each spin would be more likely to fall in the tampered area and thus betting on those areas would be highly profitable.  The main problem with this technique is that once the table is rigged there would be no way to undo it while the casino is open, so eventually you can bet that the similar spins would noticed and the table would be shut down.  Since almost all casinos operate 24/7, 365 days per year, to do this type of roulette cheating you would most certainty need someone on the inside assisting you with setup and execution.

Ball Landing Control

It's been said by some veteran roulette dealers that they have the ability to spin the roulette wheel and have the ball land within 2-3 predicted numbers.  The reason this is possible is because they have accumulated so much experience with spinning over the years that they literally can pre-determine the results of the game.  While these method has never been publically proven, it is definitely possible and if you found a dealer who could do this on a consistent basis you could definitely make large sums of money at roulette.  If you are ever worried that this is occurring in a casino and you are not in on the scam, simply wait until the dealer has spun the ball before placing your bets on the table.

High Tech Roulette Cheating - Sector Targeting

When you talk about modern day roulette cheating everything has gone high tech and the days of magnets and sticky numbers are long gone.  The latest buzz in the roulette cheating world is what is known as sector targeting.  Sector Targeting is a cheating method which is done using a computer program that can be wired into your mobile phone or any other electronic device.  When the roulette wheel is spun the program uses lasers to calculate deceleration on a roulette wheel and then can determine the decaying orbit of the roulette ball and consequently, which sector it is going to land in.  While this system will not give the player an exact number for each game, it can greatly improve the odds of hitting a winning combination.

This method was used in London casinos a few years back and made a profit of over $1,700,000 in a single night.  The craziest part is that the players got to keep the money even after they were discovered since UK laws did not specifically prohibit this type of cheating device.  We've heard that sector targeting devices can be acquired for around $1,800 however were unable to located any resources to purchase the device.  If you have a heads up on where to get one give us a shout as we would love to test it out and report back on the findings.

Roulette Cheating Online

Generally speaking in online casino cheating at roulette is impossible since games are determined by a computer and random number generator.  Although that is the case, there is a way to cheat at roulette in online casinos if you play at a casino which offers the live dealer feature.  This has never been proven to have occurred, although I am absolutely positive that it has been done and here's how it works.  To do this properly, you need to have the dealer working for you and have either somehow tampered with the roulette game or acquired a dealer who is an expert at ball landing control.  Next you would log into the online casino live dealer section and use some type of code to let the croupier know that you where there.

Some live dealer casinos allow chat so the code could be done this way or it could be done by a sequence of betting amounts.  Once the roulette dealer has confirmed that it is you, you can both work together to have winning bets and can have a very profitable run at the tables.  Other than this method, the only other real way to cheat at Roulette online would be to hack the software which is extremely difficult and highly illegal.  It's a better bet to come to an arrangement with the dealer since at least there is some limited liability if something goes wrong.