Summary - Slot machines are a computer based casino game where the player tries to catch a winning combination of the reels.  Payouts are determined by a payout schedule which is displayed for the player above the slot machine game.

Playing slots is by far one of the most popular casino games offered to players.  With a wide range of machines available for play at a low cost with big prizes, it's no wonder that slot machines have taken off both off and online over the past 50 years.  This page deals with online slots and casino slots, including an overview of the different types of slot machines available online and the best places to play slots.  We have broken down this page into various sections to give you a comprehensive overview of playing slots and what types are available online.

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Online Casino Slots

With the advent of online casinos you will find that online slots have exploded with popularity and are now available in every single online casino.  Online slot games come in a number of variations, each offering their own distinct characteristics for players.  Below is a summary of the major types of online slots available in casinos.


Reel Slots - Reel slots machines are the most classic type that you would find in a casino.  These machines can have 3 reels or 5 reels and usually have between one and three pay lines with various coin denominations, limits and overall prizes.

Multi-Line Slots - Multi-line slot machines can be either reel slots or video slots that have more than one pay line.  With these types of slots, you should expect to be betting more per spin since there are multiple lines however you will find that there are many more winning combinations with these machines for the same reason.

Bonus Slots - Bonus round slots can be reel or video slots that have some sort of bonus round incorporated into game play.  With these machines, when a certain combination is hit it will activate a bonus round for the player.  These can include wheels, animated prize rounds or other bonus features that award extra prizes.

Video Slots - Video slot machines are extremely popular these days particularly in online casinos where a number of different variations can be found.  Video Slots are slots which are played entirely on a screen and have different animated features that make up the symbols on the reel.  Usually video slots include multiple paylines and most have special bonus rounds which are activated during play.  Video slots can also be linked to progressive jackpot networks with large prizes to be won.

Progressive Slots - Progressive slot machines are games that have a jackpot which builds as more people play on the machine.  Typically there is a seed amount that the jackpot starts at and then a small portion of each wager on the slot is put towards building the overall prize.  The prize is won when the jackpot symbols are hit on the machine and most casino progressives boast prizes over $1,000,000.

Slot Machine Strategy

It's a common myth in the casino slots world that there is one sure fire strategy that can help you beat the slot machines.  That being said there are certain simple strategies that a player can take advantage of to increase their chances of having a winning sessions while playing at the slots.  We have highlighted some of the different tactics that a player can use to improve their slots gambling experience.

Slots Bankroll - Your slots bankroll is the money that you are willing to risk when you play slots and this is an important consideration for all slots players.  Some things you should consider are the limits of slot machines that you are playing in relation to your overall bankroll.  For example if you had $200 to play slots with, playing at a $5 per spin machine would see your bankroll dwindle rather quickly.  Instead, the smart thing to do would be to play a smaller denomination machine which gives you more overall spins and thus more chances of hitting a winning line.

Slots Payout Chart - The slots payout chart is something that is displayed on all casino slots and this chart tells the player which symbol combinations win what prize on the game.  The reason this is extremely important is that all slot machines are not created equal.  When examining slots, you will see that different games have entirely different payouts even at the same denomination.  For example a $1 slot machine may have a top prize of 10,000 coins while another may have a top payout of 25,000 coins.  For this reason, it is a great technique to check out the pay schedule before you play to ensure you are always playing at high value slots.

Slots Player VIP Clubs - Another great way to take advantage of casino slots is to join the casinos player's club, which rewards you each time you play for real money.  The way that these clubs & programs work is by assigning the player points for each $1 risked in the slot machine.  As players continue to accumulate points by playing, they will be presented with a number of complimentary offers ranging from free slot credits to meals and even hotel rooms in land based casinos.  Online casinos also offer slot rewards mostly based in free cash slot bonuses.

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