Video Poker

Summary - Video Poker is a casino game played on a computer screen that is based on 5 card draw poker.  The player can bet between 1 and 5 credits and the goal is to complete the best 5 card poker hand with one allowable re-draw.

Casino video poker is a popular game based on 5 card draw poker which is easy to learn and offers a very low house edge.  This casino game first hit Las Vegas casinos in the 1970's and has quickly become a favourite with players around the world.  These days, you will find video poker in almost every single land based casino and many of the bets online casinos as well.  Video poker comes in many different game types, however the basic principles of playing the game are the same and if you know how to play poker, you should have no trouble learning this game.  This section provides a complete overview of online video poker, including tips, rules and advice on how to play casino video poker.  Below we have broken down the entire game of video poker by section to provide you with a full overview.

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How To Play Video Poker

Video poker is played between the player and a video poker machine which is basically a computer screen that deals the cards to the player.  Before you can begin playing, you will need to insert money into the video poker machine, for which you will receive credits to use for betting.  Betting limits in video poker at online casinos usually range from $0.05 up to $5, with anywhere between 1 and 5 credits being played per hand, so ensure when you fund the machine you have decided on the limits you are going to play.  Once funded, the machine is ready and you must select the amount of credits you are going to bet and the game will be underway.

Video Poker

After betting, the player hits deal on the machine and the computer will deal the player 5 cards representing a poker hand.  Depending on the game type you are playing, the minimum payout hand can be anywhere from a pair of 10's to three of a kind.  Once the cards have been dealt to the player, they will have one round to select which cards they want to hold in their hand, and which cards they want to draw on to improve their hand.  Players can re-draw from none to all of the cards in their hand, with the idea being to end with a winning hand on the payout schedule.

Video Poker Hand Values

For those of you who are not familiar with 5 card draw poker hand values, we have provided a chart which ranks the best to worst hands top to bottom.  Your goal in video poker is to make any of these hands, preferable the ones closer to the top.

Poker Hands Video Poker Hand Values 5 Card Draw
Royal Flush Royal Flush
Straight Flush Straight Flush
Four Of A Kind Four of a Kind
Full House Full House
Flush Flush
Straight Straight
Three Of A Kind Three of a Kind
Two Pair Two Pair
One Pair One Pair

Video Poker Payout Table

Another important aspect of video poker is understanding the different payouts that are given to players depending on the hand they make in the game.  The payout you will receive is largely dependant on the hand/amount of credits that you have wagered on that particular game, as shown in the payout schedule below.

Payout Chart Bet 1 Bet 2 Bet 3 Bet 4 Bet 5
Royal Flush Pays 250 Pays 500 Pays 750 Pays 1000 Pays 4000
Straight Flush Pays 50 Pays 100 Pays 150 Pays 200 Pays 250
Four Of A Kind Pays 25 Pays 50 Pays 75 Pays 100 Pays 125
Full House Pays 9 Pays 18 Pays 27 Pays 36 Pays 45
Flush Pays 6 Pays 12 Pays 18 Pays 24 Pays 30
Straight Pays 4 Pays 8 Pays 12 Pays 16 Pays 20
Three Of A Kind Pays 3 Pays 6 Pays 9 Pays 12 Pays 15
Two Pair Pays 2 Pays 4 Pays 6 Pays 8 Pays 10
One Pair Pays 1 Pays 2 Pays 3 Pays 4 Pays 5

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