Casino War

Summary - Casino War is an extremely simple casino game where the player tries to get a higher card than the dealer and whomever gets the highest card wins the game.  There is also an extra bet which occurs in a tie known as war.

Casino War is perhaps the simplest casino table game you will find in any casino around the world.  The game is based on betting on high cards and is played against the dealer using a standard deck of 52 cards, although multiple decks are generally used in most casinos.  Casino War is a great game for a pure gamble, since there is little to no strategy involved in the game.  In this section we cover the basics of Casino War including rules, betting, strategy & where to play online.

How To Play Casino War

  • Player begins by placing their ante wager in order to start the game
  • Once the bet is placed, both the player and the dealer will receive one card
  • Both cards will be compared to one another and the highest card wins
  • Cards are ranked the same as in poker, 2 is the lowest card, Ace is highest
  • The suit of the cards is irrelevant in terms of ranking the hands
  • If you have a higher card than the dealer you win even money paid 1:1
  • If the dealer possesses a higher card than you, the bet will be lost
  • In the event there is a tie (same card) player will have two different options
  • The first is to surrender their hand for which they will lose 1/2 their bet
  • The second is to declare war against the dealer and place another wager
  • To declare war, player must put another bet equal to the ante wager
  • Dealer will then burn 3 cards and give the player a card as their high card
  • This process is repeated and the dealer then receives their high card
  • If your high card beats the dealer, you will win even money on raise only
  • If the war card that the dealer gets is higher than yours you lose both bets
  • If the war card is a tie (same card), player will still win their raise bet
  • Players can also wager on predicting a dealt tie which pays out 10:1

Casino War

Casino War Strategy

Seriously?  As I am sure you can deduce, there is not a real strategy for playing casino war since the game is so simple and doesn't really offer any decisions for the player.  In addition to the limited strategy, you should also know that casino war has an extremely large house if you bet on the tie bet (around 18%) so this bet should really be avoided at all times unless you have a telepathic breakthrough.  In the case of going to war, the house edge is 3.7% if you surrender and 2.9% if you decide to go to war, so this is the logical option every time unless you are out of chips.  Overall, casino war can be a fun game if you are really drunk or are simply looking for the simplest and most pure form of gambling offered on casino floors.